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Minecraft OP abuse - Poolman - 02-18-2015

Maxx and Constructer come to my base and i ask them to leave and they wont.
When i asked why they say they are looking for illigal contraband such as illigal items/hacks.
Can they just come in and do what they want and basically tell my to fuck off and they can do
what ever they want.

RE: Minecraft OP abuse - maxx237 - 02-18-2015

no-one swore at you pool.. as i stated.. i will search.. and leave when done. not before, and certainly not at your command. Diss me again and you'll get a ban mate.

RE: Minecraft OP abuse - Poolman - 02-18-2015

I didnt say you swore at me. I asked nicely 3 times that i didnt want you there jsut because you "have a job to do" and dont threaten me with a ban "mate"

RE: Minecraft OP abuse - mIKe - 02-18-2015

If they need to search that's fine, they're not altering anything so no harm done. I can understand your desire for privacy but you do have to adhere to the rules of the server and respect the mods.
Just let the OPs do their thang and they'll leave ya alone Smile

RE: Minecraft OP abuse - Constructer97 - 02-18-2015

(02-18-2015, 05:29 PM)Poolman Wrote: tell my to fuck off and they can do

Well you did accuse him of swearing you. Also, & I have screenshots to prove this, that if anyone was being abusive was you. The fact that you made an official complaint over such a trivial matter saddens me. Whether or not you want him there is besides the point. He was doing his job and was not affecting you in any way.
The only rules that were broken were by you.

RE: Minecraft OP abuse - Poolman - 02-18-2015

and what rule did i break?

RE: Minecraft OP abuse - mIKe - 02-18-2015

(02-18-2015, 06:03 PM)Poolman Wrote: and what rule did i break?

You didn't break any.  Your concerns over the search are the issue here.

RE: Minecraft OP abuse - Poolman - 02-18-2015

Well what he told me when i first ask "Searching for illigal contraband" sounded like an excuse to me.

RE: Minecraft OP abuse - Pascal123 - 02-18-2015

Look, Poolman, We're all friend's here, expect some of us to pop up out of nowhere, it's nothing to be alarmed about, it's not like we're there to grief and destroy everything.

These two simply decided to pop up and search you, for reasons I'm unaware of, but it's not really something to be majorly concerned about.
Sure "Searching for Illegal Contraband" May sound strange, But they might just be playing with you and trying to talk to you. You really don't speak much. What's wrong with interacting?

RE: Minecraft OP abuse - nitroft - 02-18-2015

Sounds pretty minor if you ask me. I have ops randomly tp to me all the time and I don't mind it at all, I mean what harm are they causing for looking around your area?