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New victims - .Lb - 06-22-2015

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You have chosen, or been chosen, to relocate to our finest remaining administration team.

Demon Rules

I wish I could say this was a pleasant surprise, but it's neither a surprise nor, as you will surely agree, very pleasant. Well, I'm nothing if not pragmatic.


RE: New victims - bmanrules - 06-22-2015

Congratulations you smexy new blues Big Grin

RE: New victims - dmanrules - 06-22-2015

Extremely unexpected! Thanks! Big Grin

RE: New victims - ssixx - 06-22-2015

I am now SsixXmin<3 Thanks!

RE: New victims - Starkiller666 - 06-22-2015

Thanks for the unexpected pragmatism dude 《3 you lb!

RE: New victims - mIKe - 06-22-2015

Congrats gentlemen Smile

RE: New victims - Diggity_Dan - 06-22-2015

mMmmmm that blue juice. . . Congrats dudes