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The Great Forum Outage of 2016 - mIKe - 12-19-2016

So for the past few years we've gone through a company called Crissic.net for the Website's VPS.  On November 5th they posted this announcement to their website:


They did NOT send this announcement out via email.  So I never saw it.  On 12/5 I noticed the site was down, and I created a ticket with them and got this lovely response:

** This is an automated message. Please do not reply to this email/ticket. The Crissic brand is now closed down as of December 4, 2016 and will no longer be existent. We are keeping the Crissic website online for a few more days, however all infrastructure has already been decommissioned in full and all client data has been securely wiped out of our drives. **

So I moved the VPS over to a company that wont go under any time soon.  (Digital Ocean)  And thanks to .Lb's planning and foresight we had a backup from from Feb 2016 to restore from.   The last backup I had was from 2013 so we lost way less than we would have!  Thanks LB!!!

TLDR:  We outlived our hosting company and had to restore the site from backups. 

RE: The Great Forum Outage of 2016 - .Lb - 12-20-2016

Please report any bugs!

RE: The Great Forum Outage of 2016 - ssixx - 12-20-2016

Thanks Lbeezy and mIKe!! You guys really are pretty fucking awesome.

RE: The Great Forum Outage of 2016 - bmanrules - 12-29-2016

Thanks guys! Great to see everything back up and saved!

Did spot one tiny bug - the mobile site links in the menu bar are still pointing to /forum/

RE: The Great Forum Outage of 2016 - Michael - 01-04-2017

Feb 2016? You mean we did it? We made it back in time?

We have to warn the rest of the world. We have to do it right this time.