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New Blood! - mIKe - 08-31-2014

Lately mR has been rather stagnant. Due to a lot of older members, and admins having lives (THE NERVE EH?) we don't have as many people to keep an eye on and maintain servers.

So without further delay, let's all give a warm welcome to Bmanrules and Videowarrior to the admin family!

Both of them will be full blown admins, but I think Bman is going to concentrate on the Minecraft servers, while Video is going to be working on some source servers!

Welcome to the family fellas! I'll be on and off today, but Ill work on getting y'all access to various things throughout today!

RE: New Blood! - dmanrules - 08-31-2014

Congratulations gentlemen!

RE: New Blood! - Odin Online - 08-31-2014


RE: New Blood! - Pascal123 - 08-31-2014

Congratulations, now you must eat the avocado and DIE..et.
Diet, i said diet, nope, no plans to murder you here.

RE: New Blood! - gamethan - 08-31-2014

Nice picks mike! Congrats vid and bman!

RE: New Blood! - Xenol1997 - 08-31-2014

Well don't guys! I would make another metaphor, but it didn't go down so well last time...

RE: New Blood! - Oink_mR - 08-31-2014

Congrats guys Smile

RE: New Blood! - .Lb - 08-31-2014

Congrats, let me know if you need any resources

RE: New Blood! - Axehacker32 - 08-31-2014

Congrats! You both really deserve it.

RE: New Blood! - Blargh_14 - 08-31-2014

Make mR proud, or suffer clanishment.

Anyways, good job keeping initiative. It's something I certainly don't have a lot of.