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Where are you now? - mIKe - 07-16-2023

Hey everyone! While we are idling why not share where you are in life?

For me personally a lot has changed!

For one I'm in my 40's now. Still in the IT business. I got remarried! I do silly things like exercise 3-5 times a week. I do crazy things like backpacking and hiking, kind of like exploring the real world like I used to in Minecraft. Last year I backpacked 30 miles solo overnight on the Appalachian trail. I've tried putting some of my hikes on YouTube but then I dislocated my shoulder while hiking and haven't really done much since, but I'm almost healed up and ready to get back out there! 

Currently playing Tears of the Kingdom and I'm about half way through. Before that Red Dead 2 and BOTW. I have not played anything multiplayer in a while, but we need a Tears of the Kingdom no-kill build server immediately! 

If you're still out there, where are you at in life? Wherever it is, I hope you are healthy and happy!   

Side note: To keep the site healthy, I'll be doing some updates and try I'll to put some of the older websites back on here for a nice dose of nostalgia. Right now, email is busted so password resets, etc. won't be sent out.

RE: Where are you now? - Starkiller666 - 08-02-2023

Hey hey. Been a hot minute. Well where to start. I'm in my late 20's now. A tonne has changed since ye olden days of yore in mR.

I've got a background in finance and taxation, with a specilization in Relationship Management and Accounts. Been engaged twice, both fell through. Something something lead balloon. I'm still fairly active on Steam and Discord though. Been playing a tonne of Star Citizen, Risk of Rain 2 and a few other roguelikes lately. Would love to catch up with the community again for some fun nights.

It's been a wild ride to go back through my journey here, although having a fair few of my posts and threads wiped does mean I had to mentally put things back together (applications, housekeeeping, etc). I'll never forget the days that I made Member, and then eventually Admin. Some of the happier times of my youth were spent here. I still remember most everyone very fondly. mR will indeed hold a loving place in my heart and mind palace for many years to come. Here's to the future, whatever that may be!